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realist reiki

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get out of your head, & into your body

energy healing for realists

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re·al·ist /ˈrēələst/


a person who accepts a situation as it is & is prepared to deal with it accordingly.

it’s not a contradiction to be a realist, & love reiki, as i do. it’s possible to be grounded while being open to the idea of universal energy. on a journey of self-discovery & wellness, reiki is one way to support our healing.

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i believe:

  • energy is all around us
  • prioritizing healing, care and community over productivity is an act of defiance against our broken systems
  • to accept ourselves as we are is revolutionary

i think of my practice as a way of holding space, bringing calm in a chaotic world. there’s something magical in letting go & letting in.

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how does it work?

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you share. i listen.

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reiki healing session

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you feel calm & more connected

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we all deserve rest, care & support. but we don’t always get it because we live in a capitalist patriarchy & that is exhausting.

but trust, you can be calm, grounded & open.

even when life is busy, you can feel peace.

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“christine was incredibly warm & welcoming, taking the time to explain the process & answer my questions. her gentle & compassionate demeanor immediately put me at ease, allowing me to fully relax & embrace the healing energy. throughout the session I experienced a profound sense of peace & clarity. i felt a deep connection to my bodily sensations & my inner self, a lasting feeling of calm that continued long after the session.” -sara l.

“christine's joyous, generous spirit has a healing energy that has a clear impact. time spent with her is always time well- spent.” - chantel p.

“i didn’t expect to cry. but something about being in my feelings, or the quiet made me feel like i was in safe space where i could let go. afterwards, i felt lighter, like i had released something that was holding me down.” - tanya w.

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reiki is a non-invasive healing modality that helps you move through daily life

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brings calm & relaxation

reiki releases stress, tension & anxiety from the body, bringing harmony, mental focus & helping you feel more peaceful & grounded.

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boosts mood & sleep

many report feeling happier, lighter & having more vitality after a session, as reiki helps your body’s energy flow freely. it also helps release negative emotions.

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promotes self-awareness

when the body & mind are balanced energetically, they function at their best. you’ll likely want to reflect, manifest & connect with your inner knowing after a session.

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let’s find more space, shall we?

the term “reiki” comes from the japanese words “rei,” meaning universal & “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things.

reiki is a high vibrational energy force transmitted through a practitioner, trained & attuned to that energy.

when this energy moves from the universe, through the practitioner, into the recipient, the body is best set up for healing.

the goal is to activate our body’s natural healing process. by giving yourself space, being open & allowing yourself to let go, you will leave a session feeling calm, connected & peaceful.

all of which makes it easier to move through life.

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reiki connects you with universal energy.

it supports self-healing & reflection.

alleviates physical & emotional suffering & generates calm, positive feelings.

trust that the universe provides.

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energy healing treatments

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free 15 min consult

decide if it is right for you. you tell me how you’re feeling, what you need & i share how reiki can support you.

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in-person $120 CAD

you have a choice between touch & no touch. the energy healing happens in a supportive space, with sound & crystals to help you relax.

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remote $100 CAD

energy healing remotely can be a good choice for those who prefer no touch or want to be in their own space - it’s just as effective!

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how will i feel during & after the session?

reiki is a safe, non-invasive healing modality. you may experience some of the following or feel nothing at all. either way, it’s working.

here are some of the sensations you may feel during your reiki session: heat or coolness, pins-and-needles tingling, vibrational buzzing, electrical sparks, numbness, throbbing & sleepiness.

but if you don’t feel anything, don’t worry! fortunately, the universal energy flows whether or not we feel any physical sensations. you will benefit from it anyway. what matters most is good intention & being open to the process.

listen to yourself after the session, hydrate & journal any feelings or emotions that come up.

i don’t get it. how does it actually work?

the process may sound new age-y, but engage with the treatment with an open, receptive mind.

i focus intently on supporting the recipient’s highest and greatest good, inviting & directing the flow of the healing energy.

reiki healing energy balances the body’s chakras—the seven wheels of energy located along the central line in the body’s fascia. these energy wheels are associated with physical, mental & emotional health.

reiki healing energy flows to where it can best help.

its power is only limited by a person’s willingness to open up to the support of this abundant energetic source.

how do i prepare for a session?

honestly, there isn’t much you need to do before, but you can make the best of the session by:

  1. be open to share anything you’d like to address such as heavy emotions, stress, mental exhaustion, mental health concerns, negative thought patterns, or behaviours that you’d like relief from.
  2. if you feel comfortable, share any physical limitations such as injuries, medical conditions, or medical history.
  3. avoid usage of recreational drugs or alcohol before the session.
  4. wear comfortable clothes..


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about christine

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i come to reiki from a place of surprise, another sign that the universe is mysterious in its magic. i, like so many others, live with trauma, mental health challenges like depression & anxiety.

i was ready for deep healing. i was run down, exhausted & overwhelmed. life felt heavy, in-between the steady places i used to know: ending a marriage, adjusting to single mom life & finding a new normal.

but i found comfort in building community & supporting other women, especially those of colour. reiki helps me move through a complicated world with more ease, calm & joy.

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realist reiki

book a consult, or a toronto-based or remote session.

the process continues

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